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Company Profile

Company Profile


Our main product is dried plums. We manufacture related products.
Until now, we have mainly sold in Okinawa prefecture, but due to the influence of the recent Okinawa boom, our products have become known all over the country, and now we make inquiries and orders from all over the country. Is now available.
Every day for a quarter of a century from the start of production in 1981 to today is the battle with plum blossoms. As long as we have the theme of "satisfying everyone forever," our challenge to create products is based on quality, safety, and security, and we will continue to aggressively attack.
Uema Candy Store will continue to take on the challenge of creating products that are loved by everyone at all times, based on the keyword "I want a delicious smile."

Representative Director Masahiro Uema

Company Profile

trade name stock Company Uema Candy Store
Location 〒901 -0225 3-64 Toyosaki, Toyomijo City, Okinawa Prefecture
TEL: 098-840-6000 FAX: 098-840-6006
Officer Representative President and CEO Masahiro Uema
Capital 1,150 10,000 yen
Employees 65 people (part) Includes)
Major trading banks Okinawa Bank Branch Okinawa Kaiho Bank Yorimiya Branch Ryukyu Bank Nanfuhara Branch
Founded August 1981 Yoshiday
Business items Confectionery manufacturing


October 1966 Establish a confectionery wholesale business at 2-7-23 Matsuo, Naha City
October 1974 Moved to 2-9-17 Hikawa, Naha City
August 1981 Transformed from wholesale confectionery to manufacturing confectionery
February 1986 Incorporated from an individual to Kamima Confectionery Co., Ltd.
October 1997 Bekko candy with dried plums Manufacture
October 1998 Dried plums Manufactures candy (brown sugar flavor)
May 2000 Relocated a new factory from Kokuba, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture to 578-4 Miyahira, Minamikazehara Town, Okinawa Prefecture
June 2001 Increased capital from 10 million yen to 11.5 million yen
May 2004 Relocated from Miyahira, Minamikazehara-cho to the current 288 Kaneshiro to expand production scale
November 2004 Organization change from Kamima Confectionery Co., Ltd. to Kamima Confectionery Co., Ltd.
October 2005 Established affiliated company Kamima Co., Ltd.