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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Junior high school students who love Suppaiman

To those who make Suppaiman, to those who work at the factory
Hello. I am a person who loves Suppaiman. (I'm a junior high school student!)
Thank you for making Suppaiman every day!
Thank you for protecting your health with salt throughout the country!
The number of people who eat my Suppaiman in a day is at least 5 and at most 11! !!
A collaboration between that sweetness and the sourness of plums ... I love it!
I can't go to Okinawa prefecture. Suppaiman is
energetic. It's not too spicy and not too sweet. The size of a bite size.
It's easy to get fruit because it's ume. M size has a pocket for putting in.
With a chuck. The plum scent is good. You can eat while doing something. Etc.
I love such Suppaiman!

Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture From

I've always loved Suppaiman. ..
I'm pregnant now, so I want to eat sour food. Furthermore, I will eat a lot of Suppaiman
I like all the series, but
I like the standard seeds.
Please continue to make delicious products
I eat too much, so
it seems to be kind to my body if there is something like a low-salt type.

From Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Kannazuki October has arrived. I licked the "Suppaiman Plum Candy" that I got from my friend in Okayama while supporting the athletic meet in the area.
Eh! !! ?? what! !! ?? Contains whole plums! !!
It even contains seeds! !!
I was surprised and happy with such a candy.
I am a person who loves plum blossoms, and when a friend of Okayama finds something about plum blossoms,
I am grateful that he will send it to me.
By the way, while cheering for today's athletic meet, I shared it with the people around me, licked it, and it seems that it was the first candy for everyone.
Thank you. The idea is also great.
We pray for the further development of your company.

From Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture

The other day, at the destination, above I casually bought
"Suppaiman Amaume Ichiban" from a confectionery store, and when I ate it, it was very delicious. If you look closely, it says "Now on sale"
, but I'm sorry that it's difficult to see
in my vicinity.
I can't forget the taste that I can't stop eating once I start eating. I hope we can see you again.
Thank you very much for your deliciousness. Grass

From Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture

Excuse me for the sudden letter.
My elementary school kid loves dried plums, so I bought and ate plums from various manufacturers. A few months ago,
Uema Candy Store's dried plums
I ate Suppaiman for the first time
I was surprised at how delicious it was
. I thought the price was a little high for a child's "Kaoshi"
, but I can't stop because of the
Thank you for your continued support of delicious Suppaiman.

From Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture

Always buy your favorite Suppaiman
When I feel lonely, I put it in my mouth and eat it.
Suppaiman's Tane-dokoro products are not placed in major
supermarkets, and I bought them in bulk at
Don Quixote along Hirakata Line 1 near my parents' house.
I want you to put it in various places (stores).

From Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture

I'm sorry for the sudden postcard.
I live in Kagoshima City and sometimes go to a convenience store on my way to work. At that time, I bought "Suppaiman" Amaume Ichiban. Since then, I've been captivated by this plum.
I buy 2 bags (28g) at a time and put them in my mouth on the way back and forth in the car. To me, it's delicious, it's delicious, and
he can't stop. It's a must-have item (^^).
It's a pity that it's just a small bag.
I will continue to eat. Thank you for the delicious plums.

From Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Hello. Thank you for the delicious Suppaiman. (There is a seed)
Saikin, I didn't see Suppaiman at the store. I'm a big fan of Suppaiman, but I'm sure. Please try to sell
Suppaiman at more shops.

From Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture

To the company of Suppaiman
Osaka I'm a 6th grade girl living in Nakamozucho, Kita-ku, Sakai City.

I got Santa's Suppaiman plum candy
. The first time I ate plum candy,
was delicious. But it will be a little less
. I went to various shops and searched for it, but I couldn't find it easily. Becko with brown sugar
I ate Ameno, but it was completely different.
Please tell me if there is a store that sells Suppaiman Umekan
Dee near Kita-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

We will continue to support Suppaiman Plum Candy
. thank you!

From Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Tokyo is in a beautiful season with fresh greenery
It's already raining in Okinawa
Thank you for your delicious sweets. My
daughter loves dried plums, and among the many dried plums, your favorite
man's sweet plum is the best.
Whenever I go to a nearby convenience store, I always buy it and eat it while studying. Your company's taste is not so processed and it is close to the natural taste, so it seems to be delicious.
Please continue to make delicious sweets
. We wish you all
health and happiness.

From Amagi City, Fukuoka Prefecture

Thank you for your support during the summer.
I love dried umeboshi

Nice to meet you, I'm sorry to suddenly send you such a letter.
I am a third year junior high school student living in Fukuoka prefecture.
I'm trying my best to study by eating this "Kamima Amaume Sisters" every day.
If you eat 3 grains, you will get 100 points.
I often take care of you on test days.
It's an easy price for driving, so I always carry it with me.
I'm glad that my heart will be happy
when it contains 4 or more grains.
I will continue to eat the Amaume sisters
from now on.

Uema's sweet plum sisters
Japan ...! !! ?? World's No. 1

From Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

☆ Suppaiman ☆ Great
> It's delicious. I got hooked.
It's easier to eat than the dried plums of other companies.
She's really good! !!
I was impressed.
Please continue to do your best