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About Personal Information Protection Law

Personal Information Protection Law

We recognize that careful protection is an important social mission of the company, and declare that we will comply with the legal norms regarding the protection of personal information and work on it.

1. Formulation of policy regarding personal information protection

Our company has unauthorized access to personal information. We recognize risks such as loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, and take necessary measures for prevention and correction.
In addition, we will formulate and implement policies for the proper handling and operation of personal information.

2. Organizational activities for personal information protection

Our company implements the basic policy concretely. Therefore, we will carry out the following activities.

  1. We comply with laws and other norms regarding personal information. ..
  2. The person in charge of personal information protection is appointed by the person in charge of managing the homepage, and based on the formulation of personal information protection, the responsibility and authority for implementation and operation are given, and the business is performed. Let me do it.
  3. The person responsible for personal information protection audits can carry out internal audits of practices and operational status regarding the protection of personal information.
  4. We request our business partners and individuals to cooperate in the protection of personal information.
  5. The basic policy should be posted on the company's homepage (, the bottom of the top page, and the member registration screen. By doing so, it can be viewed by anyone inside or outside the company at any time.
  6. We will review our personal information protection policy as appropriate and continuously improve it.

3. Handling of personal information protection

  1. Respect for individual rights
    Our company respects individual rights regarding personal information, and when requested to disclose, correct or delete personal information. We will respond to this within a reasonable period of time and within a reasonable range.
  2. Implementation of security measures
    Our company does not cause troubles such as personal information leaking to the outside or being tampered with illegally. We will maintain the management of the system, take reasonable safety measures, and implement them.
  3. Personal information will only be used for shipping products, providing information on new products and services, e-mail newsletters, and contacting customers.
  4. Personal information provided by the customer will be provided to a third party unless the customer consents or the provision must be made in accordance with laws and regulations. I will not disclose it.