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Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process


STEP1 Before entering the factory

Hair dust remover機

Aspirates and removes hair and dust。

Hand wash

Hand wash with water soap disinfectantする。

air shower

Clothes and caps and removes hair dust again in a closed room除去する。


STEP2 Until Suppaiman is made

Vibration sieving machine

Remove with vibration to remove impurities and salt from the raw material plum.す。

washing machine

To remove impurities and salt again, shower with water from above and jet water from below and wash with water while reversing.浄する。

Reversing machine

Add flavor to the water-washed plums and invert to evenly soak the flavor.る。


Spread the plums soaked in flavor on the ceiro and put them in the rack.


Dry the plums in the rack with a dryer to complete the Suppaiman.!

STEP2 Until candy is made


Boil sugar starch syrup to 100 with a stirrer.る。

Liquefaction of bekko candy

Boil the liquid sent to the pump in four pots to make the bekko candy liquid.る。

Molding machine entrance

Put plums in the molding part and pour the candy。

Molding machine outlet

It is chilled in a temperature-controlled box and becomes a Suppaiman plum candy.。

Pillow packaging

Individually wrapped candies。


STEP3 Sorting packaging lineン


If the manufactured plums and candies cannot be confirmed by machine, they can be visually confirmed.。

Packaging machine

The selected plums and candies are put into the machine and packaged.。


Packing while selecting products here as well。


Shipped nationwide!


STEP4 quality management Office

Thorough uncompromising quality control that considers the safety and security of our customers When raw materials are received During product manufacturing We perform post-manufacturing inspections.っています。