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Suppaiman's Amaume Ichiban Tanashi 17g

Suppaiman's Amaume Ichiban Tanashi 17g

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☆ Popular long-selling product ☆ 彡

Popular with women and children because there are no seeds!

Even small children and the elderly can enjoy it without worrying about the seeds ☆

* Difference between"without seeds"and"without seeds"

"No seeds"→ Sweet seasoning with a soft texture"Without seeds"→ Crispy texture and taste are also great!

Suppaiman is a low-calorie candy, so it's a great companion to your diet!
For those who are non-smoking and lonely!

Plum citric acid improves resistance and recovers from fatigue!

Umeboshi is a food that contains all of the"salt,""sodium citrate,"and"potassium chloride"that are necessary for heat stroke control.

[Nutrition facts label per bag/17g]
Energy:29 kcal
Moisture:7 g
Protein:0.7 g
Lipid:0.1 g
Carbohydrate:6 g
Sodium:1088 mg
Salt equivalent (sodium equivalent):3 g
Test request destination:Okinawa Prefectural Environmental Science Center

Country of origin:China Processor (seasoning, packaging, etc.):Uema Candy Store Co., Ltd.

Product size:Length 13.5 cm x Width 9 cm Best-by date:6 months from manufacture

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