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Mimigar Jerky 25g

Mimigar Jerky 25g

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Suppaiman x Okiham!
Collaboration product!

With Okiham's Mimigar
With the plum extract that is characteristic of Suppaiman at Uema Candy Store
It is a new flavor that has been seasoned.

Perfect for beer snacks and snacks!

Chuck type convenient for storage

[Nutrition facts label per bag/25g]
Energy:78 kcal
Protein:17.6 g
Lipid:0.1 g
Carbohydrate:1.5 g
Sodium:240 mg
Salt equivalent:0.6 g

Manufacturer:Okinawa Ham General Foods Co., Ltd.

Seller:Uema Candy Store Co., Ltd.

Best-by date:150 days from manufacture

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