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What is Suppaiman? !!

What is Suppaiman? !!

So I love it! Suppaiman

Sweet and sour

Although it is full of plum flavor, Exquisite sweetness.
That's why I can't stop it.
You can easily and deliciously eat the popular "dried umeboshi" sweets in Okinawa.
How, It is very popular with people who are not good at picking umeboshi!

56k calories per bag (28g) h2>

Sweets used in Suppaiman "Stevia" is 200 times sweeter than sugar,
The calories are 1/100 ! !!
Gals and office ladies who are on a diet are addicted to it.
My favorite snack is something I want to eat to the fullest.

For work in sports

Citric acid is abundant, so Recovery from fatigue after sports Also, there are many athletes who can easily take salt and use it as a heat illness countermeasure .
It is also surprisingly popular as a slightly sweet reward for busy business people.
Furthermore, No smoking companion !

Entered the ranking!

Hanachu (February 2009 issue)

" This is what everyone ate in 2008! Sweets ranking !! "Gumi Shuran" will be announced !! "
Fruit and sweets category 1st place

bea's UP (2008 5) Monthly issue)

I don't need it! "
Everyone's most popular