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Fine June 2018

To Okinawa in Wonderland

It was published in the representative foods of Okinawa.

Okinawa Times November 2017

Make your child smile with sweets

As a sweet from Okinawa, dried plum dried plum "Amaume Ichiban Suppaiman" is popular all over the country. Like Superman, sweets that are named to be loved by children all over the world are still growing in sales 36 years after their release.

Weekly Women 2014

Kamima Confectionery Store Suppaiman Factory


You can also shoot with Okinawan hero Suppaiman!

Nikkei WOMAN April 2011

" Shiori Nukijitani's bag The contents are this! "

Suppaiman" It has a seed pocket! "

Oggi October 2010 issue


"Suppaiman Plum Candy"

Sweet and sour anytime, anywhere Now refresh!

non-no June 2009 VOL.12

" Nonno・ Boyfriend Presents "Man's Hobby Road"

I've been eating for 15 years without getting tired! Kazumasa Ikeuchi
Suppaiman's Amaume Ichiban
Whenever I go to Okinawa, I always buy it (laughs). The attraction is the refreshing sweet and sour taste of dried plums! Of course, the calories are low, so it's perfect for snacks.

Hanachu February 2009

First place in the fruit and sweets category ★

"This is what everyone ate in 2008! Sweets ranking !! We will announce" Gumi Shuran "!!"
Suppaiman's Amaume Ichiban
"It's sour, but it's delicious that doesn't stop! It's delicious with a habitual taste." >

Hanachu July 2008 issue

"Joshiki" Test! " !!

Suppaiman's Amaume Ichiban
Plum sweets that make the sourness addictive. It's not high in calories, so you can eat it without worrying about it even while you're on a diet. I also love Models' Monkichi!

beas UP May 2008 issue

" Sin in the night snack matrix I don't need a feeling anymore! ”Everyone's popularity ?. 1

Easy to eat with a good balance of sweetness and sourness? 1

Hanachu February 2008

" Fruit Confectionery Category 1st "

Okinawa-born plum power!
"I'm dying for sourness ☆"I'm eating crunchy when I study. I'll lick it all the time even if it's just seeds."