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Press publication

Tokai Jalan November 2002 issue

I have to buy this when I go to Okinawaゃ!

Dried plum suppaiman with sweet and sour taste and dried plum wrapped in bekko candy Plum candy that matches sweetness and sourness is very popular not only locally but also nationwide人気。

International Graph July 2001 issue

Transformed from a confectionery wholesaler to a manufacturer。

『Suppaiman causes a boomす
Discourse between the presidents The number of tourists in Okinawa has exceeded 4.5 million for about five years, but please write to us that they bought Suppaiman as a souvenir and it was delicious at a later date.を下さいましてね。

CanCam May 2001 issue

A snack at 3 o'clockやつ

Desk snack
Sour comes after sweetness。
I love this sourness so much that I stock up on manyつき!

Josei Seven November 9, 2000 issue

Sweet and sour and good for your health!

「The secret of Suppaiman being stupid密
Antioxidant action to prevent aging of skin etc. is 5 times that of green tea, and it also has the effect of suppressing diabetes and liver dysfunction carcinogenesis, and research on AIDS virus suppression is also underway.います。
(JBB Tokyo Stevia Study Group Mitsuo Matsudo氏)

Women themselves September 2000 issue

「What is a Suppaiman who a celebrity drinks a brim?て何?」

Other celebrities like this are also booming中!!

DIME March 2000 merger issue号

Dried plums work for business stress!

「Eat 1 grain, eat 2 grains with patchy eyes, eat 3 grains with a refreshing head, and get a perfect score of 100 points.」。
Sweet and sour dried plums that you can't stop eating once grow rapidly in the office殖!
The balance between sweetness and sourness◎