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Hanachu August 2007 issue

Check anytime before and after eating!

"Summer snack calories 283! 』
Suppaiman's Amaume Ichiban
I checked the calories of our favorite menu. If you want to go on a diet while eating deliciously, calculate wisely with reference to this!

Hanachu February 2007 issue

1st place in the fruit confectionery category p>

Okinawa power is included and mass
"It's sour, but it's addictive to be sweet afterwards! It's good that there is no seed"


ChouChou November 28, 2006 issue

2007 stupid sales forecast

In Okinawa, where exchanges with Taiwan have been active for a long time, dried plums are familiar. A seedless version of the item that continues to be loved there is now available!

melon March 2005 issue

" What's your favorite convenience store? ? "6th place

Plum-based funny
Just looking at it will make you drool! ??
I can't stop the exquisite sourness of plums!

CM NOW January 2005 issue

" Aliens also like it! ? "

Defend Suppaiman!
A commercial depicting a confrontation between Airi Shinjo, who is studying while eating Suppaiman, and a UFO who came to steal it.

Women's Seven September 12, 2004 issue

Yuhito Mizuno ( Baseball commentator)

Feel free to pick it up on the go.
You can easily replenish the salt and minerals lost by sweating.

Big Comic September 10, 2004

It doesn't stop when it's dry Nothing, with Suppaiman ... what?

Okinawa's specialty dried plums.
It's an unstoppable horse.

hands February 2004 issue

If you eat together, you'll have a lot of dreams! !!

For 25 years, the original "Suppaiman" manufacturer, Uema Candy Store, said, "We produce about 1,000 tons a year. Takuya Kimura. When he talked about the product on TV, he was so busy that he wanted to get the help of cats and dogs (laughs). "

non-no January 5, 2004 issue


Model is also recommended

All over Japan, this souvenir
Yoko Matsushima
Pay attention to brown sugar, plum, miso and healthy ingredients
"Ginza" Wa "in Tokyo I'm buying Okinawan sweets at shops such as "Shopify". "

ViVi August 2003

After all Japanese, Ume, Ume Ume snacks

" When I noticed recently, everyone started eating Ume I sometimes eat it. Above all, I recommend Suppaiman from Okinawa. Sweet and sour is irresistible. "